Friday, March 02, 2007


is part of every writer's life
isn't personal
is a rite of passage
can contain valuabe feedback
doesn't mean you should give up
means you are sending your work out
is nothing to be ashamed of
has been suffered by many great, published authors

People say all this and more about rejection. But rejection still feels bad.

Here are a couple other looks at rejection:
Interview with Angela J. Fountas... "rejections usually fall into one of three categories: (1) work isn't ready for publication, (2) work is ready for publication but not right for the anthology/magazine, or (3) work is ready for publication and came very close, but the other x number of pieces being considered won out when the editors duked it out in their editorial meeting."

"Rejection Letter from Gertrude Stein" - poem by Marjorie Manwaring (or listen to her read it - 26 minutes into the show

The Rejection Collection website

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