Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Curating Seattle City Council Poetry Readings

7/14/2010 Today is my last City Council Meeting as curator. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. The reading series will continue with the next curator - check it out! Also, you can read text of the poems here:

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I am excited to be curating the Words' Worth poetry readings at Seattle City Council!

The Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture committee meetings, chaired by Nick Licata, will begin with a poem. You can watch them live by going to the Seattle Channel website and clicking "Watch Live" or catch them in the archives later.

Fri, Jan 29 at 3 pm PT: Priya Keefe
Wed, Feb 10 at 2 pm PT: Drew Dillhunt
Wed, Feb 24 at 2 pm PT: Yvonne Croteau
Wed, Mar 10 at 2 pm PST: Nashira Priester
Fri, Apr 2 at 2 pm PT: Thomas Thomas
Wed, Apr 14 at 2 pm PT:  C. Albert
Wed, Apr 28 at 2 pm PT:  Ellen Welcker
Wed, May 26 at 2 pm PT: Larry Crist
Wed, Jun 23 at 2 pm PT: Dobbie Norris
Wed, Jul 14 at 2 pm PT: Priya Keefe


Sidney said...

Congrats on the award!

smbhax said...

Sweet gig!