Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blues & Bluster

I walked dark, residential streets in the rain to 20th and Union.  Waited under an awning until my friend Ronnie got there.  We joined two others at the gate; the group admitted inside.  Music blared.

When I said yes to Ronnie's invitation to read on the radio, I figured we would be filler in between sets of music.  I didn't know I would become part of something, a ritual with a welcoming host, involving moon music word pictures late night callers circumambulating speculations.

Priya Keefe - Westlake Center by tysontalksmusic

Blues & Bluster on Hollow Earth radio

Phone call near 1 am

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William James said...

Why can't life be toasted marshmallows, meat in cones, pigeons in tuxedos, and little people sun bathing on fluffy clouds all day long?