Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I wanna be dumb, thumbs up, there’s no such thing as luck

My poem, "Three Cheers for Dumb!" was on a State of the Nation PoetsWest radio program on November 3, 2010. You can catch it in the archive for the next two weeks or so: http://poetswest.com/State%20of%20the%20Union_mono.mp3.

State of the Union #180

(29.08 minutes)

E Pluribus Unum 0.44 Karen Havnaer
I Hope I See It Coming 2.22 Jeff Lair
Czar 0.53 Laine Dexter
Self-Medication Blues 0.59 Chris Jarmick
Moloch Virus 1.16 Jean Musser
Shrinking of Long Green 0.54 Murray Gordon
Conservative Blues (guitar) 2.27 Brandon Cesmat
Three Cheers for Dumb 1.28 Priya Keefe
What a Friend 0.56 Thomas Hubbard
Secret Life of Jesus #694 (0.39) Jim Lutz
Patriotism on Trial 1.03 Ellaraine Lockie
The Big War 1.37 Jeff Lair
Pay the Piper 2.28 Pieter Zilinsky
When Will It Stop 1.28 J. Glenn Evans

Bridge at 16.07
Leonard Cohen More Best of Tks 1, 5
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